Walk with the Etruscans

Walk with the Etruscans

This private walking tour and artisanal gourmet lunch prepared by a local chef is an encounter that will transcend you back in time. Experience the history and beauty of the rolling Tuscan hills as you take part in a  tranquil walk among an Etruscan necropolis. Complete the day by celebrating this captivating three-hour walk in nature at a luxurious 17th C. Tuscan estate afterwards for an authentic Italian lunch with the perfect organic wine pairings.

Your professional walking guide will meet you at Tenuta Ceccatelli where you will have a brief introduction overlooking the Chianti Classico hills. You will be immersed in the breathtaking panoramas, profound history, and surrounded by nature in the heart of Tuscany. The hike begins through a lush archaeological area in the woods, where you will discover the remains of five Etruscan tombs, dating back to the 6th century BC. Starting along the ancient Roman road, Via Romea, to the exquisite hamlet of Fonterutoli you will feel speechless as you see many relics of a past life. This is a historic path that connects Chianti to Siena and holds great significance. The hamlet of Fonterutoli, an old bastion of Florence, just a few kilometers from Castellina in Chianti, will take you back to the year 1435. With striking views of Siena, the tour will take you on a unique moment of history, the location of two peace treaties, between Florence and Siena, and the destination where the ancient territory of Chianti became under the control of Florence with the legend of the black rooster.

While embarking on this journey participants can spot more than just stories of the past. Monumental crosses where objects and tools, such as hammers, were placed by the farmers to bless the harvest and crops in the countryside. As the walk continues to explore the magical area of the Etruscan necropolis, travellers learn the significance behind the many Cypress trees planted throughout the land. Brought over to Tuscany, these were used not just as decorative trees, but as a way of communication.

After walking through the untouched woods and viewing the historic ruins of the Etruscans, the group will make its way to a small medieval village, where only 30 residents reside. After working up an appetite, the group will be welcomed back at the charming 17th century villa for an outdoor, three course lunch with organic wine pairing, prepared on location by Tenuta Ceccatelli’s local chef. This DFTL cultural exploration is one that will tantalize your taste buds while giving you a glimpse into the gorgeous Tuscan nature and history!

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